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Class List ~ Class of 1917

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All names below are alphabetized by last name. This list does not take into account any name changes after graduation. This list is taken directly from the graduating year's commencement program.

Have spelling corrections, additions, or other corrections to make to this list? Simply This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and clearly explain the reason or rationale for the change. Please include the Graduating year in your email so we can find the correct class!

Andrews, Bernice V.
Arnold, Adella
Austin, Edna
Bacigalupi, Irene
Barnett, Dwight
Baum, Edna E.
Bell, Clifford
Bellus, Harold
Bolton, Isabel M.
Brown, Ralph
Brown, Elrene E.
Bussman, Harriett
Carithers, Donald
Chapman, Anita M.
Cline, Wesley
Cooper, Hazel
Dayhuff, Walter
Deitz, Gladys
Doughtery, Samuel K.
Eddie, Alma M.
Emery, Roene
Farwell, E. Morton
Gemetti, Marcus
Gnesa, Geraldine
Graham, Hazel
Hamner, Naomi E.
Hanson, Arne
Hawley, Gail E.
Hodgson, Leland
Kellogg, Frederick V.
Kindig, Melva R.
Kistler, Samuel S.
Lambert, Orville
Laughlin, Sara E.
Lepori, Angelena
Long, Ione
Malone, Louis
Marnell, Susie
Maroni, Peter
Marshall, William
Marvin, George W.
Matthew, Gertrude W.
McDonough, Powell
McDowell, Edward
Meeker, Merton
Mercer, Andrew
Meyers, Orrie C.
Miller, Edith
Miller, Helen
Mitchie, Roy
Morris, Lucile M.
Nathanson, Charlotte I.
Nelson, Agnetta
Nielson, Ernest C.
Noble, Blanche C.
Oldham, William G.
Pavlik, Leonard
Payne, Frances M.
Pedrotti, Augusta
Pressley, Legro
Schank, Isabelle
Schmidt, Christine
Sowell, Franklin
Spotswood, Olive M.
Stump, Vera
Swanets, Gladys M.
Talbot, Leonard
Trosper, Gilbert
Wrighth, Frederick L. Jr.
Yeager, Dewey
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