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Class List ~ Class of 1918

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All names below are alphabetized by last name. This list does not take into account any name changes after graduation. This list is taken directly from the graduating year's commencement program.

Have spelling corrections, additions, or other corrections to make to this list? Simply This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and clearly explain the reason or rationale for the change. Please include the Graduating year in your email so we can find the correct class!

Adams, Dorothy F.L.
Albers, Marie C.
Bacigalupi, Roselind P.
Baker, Gertrude
Benson, Mabel
Beutel, Marie
Black, Walter
Blacknum, Mildred
Bradford, Mae V.
Brown, Ralph
Chapman, Paul
Christiansen, Emma
Collins, Arthur
Cooper, Clarence
Daut, Margaret
Donovan, Aileen
Ely, Cedora
Entzminger, Florence
Fisk, Sarah
Fry, Hazel
Gidal, Harry
Gutermute, Eunice
Hamner, Ruth
Hanson, Clara
Haskell, Beth
Higginson, Edna
Hinchley, Phyllis
Hoshide, George
Hoyle, Carl
Johnson, Grace
Johnson, Lorene
Johnson, Paul
Kenworthy, Elvira
Kistler, Aline
Lagan, Andrew
Lambert, Margaret
Langlien, Helga
Lee, Ann
Matlock, Marcus
McAlpine, Harold
Mead, Howard
Mercer, Andrew
Milne, Mildred
Opland, Olga
Parrish, Mildred
Payne, Helen
Pool, Lela
Price, Edith
Richards, Elva
Robbins, Eloise
Russell, Inez
Schultz, Matilda
Shane, Bessie
Showers, Alida
Showers, Bernice
Smith, Estella
Staley, Dorothy
Strohmeir, Laura
Sullivan, Lila
Swanets, Cecil
Torr, Clara
Tsumaru, Mary
Vaughn, Marjorie
Webber, Verrel A.
Wickham, Laura
Williams, Vera
Wood, Gladys
Wymore, Earl
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