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Class List ~ Class of 1922

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All names below are alphabetized by last name. This list does not take into account any name changes after graduation. This list is taken directly from the graduating year's commencement program.

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Alexanderon, Madeline
Anderson, Aldean
Babbino, Elaine
Bacigalupi, Cecelia
Barnett, Ellsworth
Bath, George
Bledsoe, Vesta
Borden, Charles
Braun, Irwin
Brewer, William
Brians, Esther
Brians, Theodore
Brown, Frances
Clarr, Raymond
Cockburn, Eleanor
Connors, Jeannette
Connors, Ruth
Connors, Wilbert
Covell, Gladys
Cullen, Lillian
Don’t, Eva
Farley, Dorothy
Feliz, Elmont
Feliz, Ruby
Feliz, Ruth
Finley, Wilson
Foland, Goldie
Forsyth, Bryant
Garyman, Harry
Granberg, Ruth
Hamner, Juanita
Hasek, George
Haskin, Ruth
Hawkins, Edwin
Henderson, Wallace
Henningsen, Alma
Heyward, Roy
Holchester, Ralph
Holm, Ellen
Hopper, Portia
Howes, Anita
Irwin, Martha
Jacobson, Sara
Karnes, Lois
Krotser, Ray
La Point, Kenneth
Leppo, George
Letold, Edith
Loew, Gladys
Loew, Helmuth
Lucas, Hedwig
Mallory, Helen
McTigue, Stephen
Morin, John
Morrill, Thyra
Morrow, Berenice
Mossler, Dorothy
Mossler, Ruth
Pagani, Joseph
Peterson, Edward
Piazzi, Francis
Poli, Adon
Raicevich, Louis
Reinike, Mabelclare
Reinking, Charles
Rogers, Bernyce
Rogers, Beth
Seawell, Dorothy
Sheridan, Alice
Spidle, Zelma
Spooncer, Alvera
Sprenger, Ida
Stocker, Woodburn
Stump, Harold
Tate, Mary
Thomas, Dorothy
Thomas, John
Thompson, Elizabeth
Tisserand, Hazel
Weeks, Malcom
Wells, Helen
Wells, Mildred
Whited, Kenneth
Wiggins, Mabel
Wilder, Agnes
Wolf, Alice
Woods, Talmadge
Wright, Margaret
Wright, Mildred
Wymore, Watson
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