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Class List ~ Class of 1924

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All names below are alphabetized by last name. This list does not take into account any name changes after graduation. This list is taken directly from the graduating year's commencement program.

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Anderson, Sidney
Andrews, Ruth
Babcock, Laverne
Badger, Elaine
Baird, Dorothy
Ballou, Kenneth
Bank, Carleton
Bell, Edythe
Belton, Ruth
Bennyhoff, Kathryn
Berry, Arnold
Bledsoe, Winfield
Bline, Elizabeth
Bonar, Mary
Braun, William
Brownscombe, Eugene
Brownscombe, Philip
Bunyan, Isabelle
Clar, Imelda
Clayton, Doris
Cordray, Donald
Corrick, Marjorie
Cox, Joseph
Cummings, Sylvester
Dakin, Walter
Dale, Donald
Davis, Clark
Demeo, Charles
Demeo, Nick
Dobell, Helen
Dryden, Merrill
Everett, Harry
Everett, Lyle
Fallon, Ira
Franchette, James
Gale, Junius
Ginder, Lorraine
Goodwin, Doris
Green, Lawrence
Hahman, Henrietta
Hamilton, Inez
Hamner, Marjorie
Harrington, Merrill
Hays, Elaine
Heryford, Merle
Hes, Margaret
Holgren, Edward
Hoshide, Tsuruko
House, Dorothy
Jackson, Madge
Johnson, Dorothy
Johnson, Frederick
Johnson, Gayle
King, Edna
Kleinsworth, Meta
Lagomarsino, Loise
Leppo, Marda
Martin, Goldie
McGuire, Tom
Meyers, Lewis
Miller, Ralph
Miranda, Evelyn
Mitchell, Dudley
Neview, Archie
Nielsen, Alice
Nordwick, Lloyd
Olson, Fern
Pagani, Julius
Pearcy, Estel
Penry, Muril
Pye, Gwendolyn
Robertson, Ruth
Ruddock, Susie C.
Schulze, Esther
Schulze, Grace
Schulze, Herbert
Serel, Esther
Shea, Albert
Shefer, Bertha
Sheridan, Elizabeth
Sibbald, Luella
Simpson, Albert
Slattery, Mary
Stroven, Mary
Strover, Genevieve
Strzelecki, Lucy
Sullivan, Pauline
Swan, Elaine
Testa, Dumas
Thompson, Howard
Tillow, Ward Von
Wendt, Gladys
West, Claire
Wheeler, May
White, Harry
Whitney, Merlyn
Winter, Beth
Wistuba, Lawrence
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