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Class List ~ Class of 1926

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All names below are alphabetized by last name. This list does not take into account any name changes after graduation. This list is taken directly from the graduating year's commencement program.

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Abel, Hildegarde
Abrott, George
Bartlett, George
Bath, Elsie
Belton, Claire
Bixby, Bill
Boolsen, Frank
Brandon, Lucille
Bronson, Annette
Brooks, Vera
Brown, Howell
Burke, Emilie
Bussow, Martha
Carmichael, Annie
Chalmers, John
Champion, Helen
Churchill, Beatrice
Churchill, Byron
Clement, Lorraine
Cornett, Viola
Dale, Bertha
Druck, Helen
Drury, Marie
Edwards, Harry Enzler, Alice
Everett, Ruth
Feliz, George
Felt, Bernice
Gerry, Vera
Goff, Maudie
Gurnette, Byron
Hamlin, Doris
Hawkins, Roy
Heitsmith, Inex
Henderson, Neva
Hendrix, Bernice
Hughes, Stanley
Iles, Helen
Ingram, Myrtle
Jamison, Wesley
Jenkins, Elizabeth
Johnson, Elma
Johnson, Reino
Knight, Nancy
Kobler, Evelyn
LeBaron, Robert
Macumber, Thelma
Makee, Elsie
Marlatt, Gladys
Maroni, Norman
McCanse, James
McKoon, Harold
McLeod, Clair
Mead, Maxine
Mellinger, Russell
Milford, Alice
Mortensen, Ula
Nagle, Phyllis
Nelson, Estelle
Nordyke, Susie
Olsen, Fred
Peterson, Bernice
Poor, Walter
Pressley, Julia
Reading, Ruth
Reager, Estel
Reed, Walter
Rittimann, Alvine
Rose, Kenneth
Sandstrom, Emery
Santini, Lillian
Schmidt, Dorothy
Schroth, Charles
Schuckman, Gertrude
Schulz, Charlotte
Shurson, Rhoda
Skaggs, Gladys
Slattery, Louise
Smith, Frank
Stein, Charles
Stephens, Leslie
Stevens, Lillian
Steward, Lucille
Strobino, Perry
Sugiyama, Yone
Sullivan, Edward
Talbot, Sonoma
Tarwater, Vernon
Thomas, Florence
Thompson, Janet
Thomson, John
Thorne, Graeme
Thorne, Laura
Walsh, Helen
Whitney, Leo
Williams, Leslie
Williams, Martha
Wolf, Edith
Wolf, Emerie
Work, Herbert
Zeller, Frank
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