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Class List ~ Class of 1928

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All names below are alphabetized by last name. This list does not take into account any name changes after graduation. This list is taken directly from the graduating year's commencement program.

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Albini, Mary
Anderson, Edith
Ayers, David
Ball, Chas.
Ballou, Helen
Beals, Norman
Beau, Berkeley
Berner, Ruth
Biavaschi, Emil
Bixby, Elizabeth
Blackman, Lowell
Boyd, Robert
Bradbury, Edward
Brittain, Grace
Budden, Evelyn
Bufford, Virginia
Bundschu, Betty
Butler, Glenn
Butner, Edwin
Button, Marjorie
Carlson, Charles
Caughey, Jack
Chalmers, Margaret
Chapman, Lee
Coburn, LeRoy
Collicott, Muriel
Comalli, Chas.
Comstock, Grace
Conners, Ruth
Correia, Mary
Due, Wesley
Edrington, Don
Evans, Evelyn
Fay, Raymond
Fish, Maude
Fraser, Gilbert
Gardner, Vivian
Gass, Edna
Greeott, Isabel
Gutcher, May
Hawley, Isabel
Head, Ruth
Helgren, Dorothy
Herron, Azeline
Hes, Alfred
Hodgkin, Hope
Holm, Ralph
Homan, Edna
Homan, George
Hopper, William
Hoyle, George
Hunter, Ida
James, William
Johnson, Ben
Johnson, Irene
Koch, Minnie
Leppo, Clarabel
Mahan, Helen
Main, Docia
Marcucci, Jack
Marian, Ben
Marlett, Freddy
McLean, S.
Minter, Ruby
Moore, Anna
Mossler, Wilber
Nielsen, Walter
Novelli, Dee
Olson, Lauretta
Orr, Virginia
Paakesen, Tom
Pagani, John
Peterson, Janet
Phillips, Glenn
Pugh, Geraldine
Quinby, Ellen
Richardson, Earl
Roundy, Irving
Samashima, Henry
Sandstrom, Ella
Sandstrom, Esther
Savory, Ralph
Schefer, Richard
Seavers, Maryville
Seeman, Milton
Shuhaw, Betty
Smith, George
Smith, Marie
Sprague, Herbert
Staley, Werner
Starback, Elsie
Stiles, Alan
Street, Edna
Swan, Alice
Tarwater, Raymond
Thurlow, John
Togneri, Rose
Tomasi, Alice
Valena, Lena
Vallandigham, Lyoyd
Vincent, Pauline
Walk, Margaret
Walters, Agnes
Walters, Minor
Warren, Frances
Wasserman, Janet
Wasson, Crystal
Waters, Herbert Jr.
Weatherington, Helen
Wells, Florence
Wiemeyer, Milton
Winkler, Dorothy
Winter, Dorothy
Wolfe, Zella
Yosting, Eveline
Zeller, Anna
Zopfl, John
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