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Class List ~ Class of 1930

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All names below are alphabetized by last name. This list does not take into account any name changes after graduation. This list is taken directly from the graduating year's commencement program.

Have spelling corrections, additions, or other corrections to make to this list? Simply This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and clearly explain the reason or rationale for the change. Please include the Graduating year in your email so we can find the correct class!

Acquistapace, Mary
Ahl, Ralph
Alkire, Francis
Allvenn, Corrinne
Andreasen, George
Bailey, Esther
Barnard, Weston
Bertoni, Romona
Blackburn, James
Blum, Rose
Boglio, Pierina
Bordessa, Margaret
Brendlin, Jerome
Brezzo, Albina
Brick, William
Brown, Clarence
Burdette, Ada
Butts, Helen
Call, Madelin
Cattlin, Buryl
Caughey, Gladys
Charles, Juanita
Collin, Leo
Comstock, Lois
Conners, Victor
Cramer, Thomas
Crane, Philip
Dalpino, Albert
Day, George
Dennis, James
Duerson, Clevie
Duffy, Dorothy
Duignan, John
Eckman, Elden
Edwards, Julia Katherine
Elder, Leiton
Floyd, Merle
Forni, Evelyn
Forsythe, Lucile
Frazer, Jessie
Gardella, Francis
Gaspari, Lily
Goodwin, Velma
Grandi, Frank
Grandi, Louis
Gray, Jean
Groom, Harold
Guenza, Anna
Halvorsen, George
Hasegawa, Emma
Heaney, Beatrice
Heitz, Marion
Henderson, Cyril
Henninger, Ernest
Horstman, Clare
Hoside, Takako
Huffman, Wilma
Hufford, Vivian
Ingram, Ellsworth
Iwaoka, Alice
Jessup, Claire
Jessup, Jean
Johnson, Genevieve
Johnson, Lloyd
Kai, Marie
Kalin, Edward
Karsten, Ernest
Kirkbride, Verna
Koch, Dorothy Jane
Kotto, Daniel
Kral, Mary
Kurlander, Herbert
Lane, Elmont
Lankant, Carl
Lauman, George
Laurent, Julia
Lawson, Mazie
LeBaron, Roy
Levin, Sam
Loudon, Robert
Luney, Percy
MacFarling, Aleen
MacLeod, Norma Jean
Magrini, Anso
Marihugh, Roberta
Marlow, Richard
McArdle, Kenneth
McCarcy, Leslie
McCusker, Marion
McGuirk, Pat
McReynolds, Francis
Menini, Erma
Merrill, Ruth
Minter, Lois
Mitchell, Jacqueline
Mock, Evelyn
Molinari, Rose
Moore, Daryl
Moore, Dennis
Moretti, Dorothy
Nelligan, Garrett
Nelson, Byrnel
Olson, Joyce
Ott, Dorothy
Paolini, Irene
Penry, Ruth
Peterson, Wiliam
Peterson, William
Peugh, Madelin
Pickrell, Alta
Pinoli, Frances
Quigley, Marguerite
Randall, Ruth
Ratcliffe, Erlene
Rich, Clifford
Rider, Eva
Roberts, Helen
Robertson, Othelia
Rossi, Fred
Roth, Josephine
Rudisill, Beth
Rudisill, Dorothy
Ruggles, Joe
Runo, Arnold
Rutherford, Ann
Sanborn, George
Schillinger, Anita
Schuckman, Mildred
Shurson, Gerda
Simpson, Marion
Sleipness, Ruth
Snyder, Estelle
Sprague, Dorothy
Starback, Melva
Stewart, George
Stewart, Kenneth
Stewart, Ruth
Stokstad, Robert
Strong, Dorothy
Tauzer, Georgie
Taylor, Marion
Temple, Rosamond
Tom, George
Valena, Anna
Ward, Catherine
Weinland, Clarence
Wheeler, Doris
Williamsom, Ethel
Wood, Dorsay
Wood, Wesley
Young, Margaret
Zurlo, Michael
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