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Class of 1908 ~ Santa Rosa High School

Renunion Info

Reunion info not curently available.

Reunion Coordinators

Class Lists

Ayer, May
Ayer, Tay
Belden, Grace A.
Berger, Edna L.
Brockman, Wilhelmina
Church, Lorin
Cooley, Victor E.
Elmore, John *
Gale, Thorne *
Griffith, Nellie
Hart, Lynn N.
Haven, Comfort *
Hessel, Frances M.
Hicks, Augusta M.
Hubbell, Howard *
Jeans, Raymond W
Kinslow, Imelda L.
Lambert, Louis *
Lang, Cora L.
Lawrence, William J.
Lee, Arthur
Lee, Nellie *
Lee, Margaret L.
Linsley, Raymond *
Lockhart, Archie
Lockhart, Ethel B.
McFarlane, Bessie *
Parrish, Mable C.
Pierson, Eudora C.
Schaupp, Lena M.
Tanner, Eliza A.
Tonouchi, Kinsaku
Wedge, Mamie C.
Whitney, Clarence H.
Wooley, James E.

Yearbook Scans

Miscellaneous Information

* Indicates December graduate