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Stocks & Bonds

Gifts of Stocks & Bonds

An easy and tax advantaged way to make a gift to the SRHS Foundation is to donate appreciated publicly traded securities such as stocks, bonds or mutual funds before they are sold. If you have held your securities for more than one year, you may find your gift will provide a two-fold tax benefit:

1. Creating an income tax deduction and

2. Helping avoid the capital gains that would have been due on their sale.

What are Publicly Traded Securities?

Publicly traded securities are securities regularly traded on a public stock or bond exchange. The value of your gift will be the average of the highest and lowest selling prices on the day the security reaches the SRHS Foundation securities account.

How to Make your Gift

Please complete the Electronic Securities Wire Transfer Form and send a copy to:

SRHS Foundation
Attn. Development Committee
PO Box 11006
Santa Rosa, CA 95406

Or Email

This is an important first step. It will instruct the Foundation’s broker to accept the securities and ensures prompt Foundation processing and proper acknowledgment.

Desginate your Gift

You have the option to designate your gift for a specific purpose. Please inform the Foundation of your wishes by including a separate letter to the Foundation along with the Wire Transfer Form.


If you have any questions about this process, please email the Foundation at or call the Pandy Line (707) 571-7747. We will return your call or email promptly.

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