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Class of 1910 ~ Santa Rosa High School

Renunion Info

Reunion info not curently available.

Reunion Coordinators

Class Lists

Brush, Howard F.
Bryant, Kenneth
Caldwell, Berthleen
Colwell, Florence
Cooper, Minnie
Crane, Edna R.
Cuopius, Gertrude M.
Du Bois, Grace
Elmore, Eloise
Elmore, Ruth E.
Farnlof, Marie
Geary, Don Jr.
Goodfellow, Corinne
Gould, Charles
Graham, Hazel
Haub, Anita
Hellman, Lulu
Hinds, Anna M.
Hinds, Grace W.
Hudson, Clyde V.
Jones, Margie
Keegan, Emma
Letold, Alice M.
Lewis, Hattie
Litton, Perry B.
Lockhart, Robert
Lockwood, Beulah
Lombardi, Joseph A.
Longeran, Nellie
Luce, Wilfred W.
Mader, Constance M.
Mallory, George
McArthur, Frank
McCann, Clyde
McDaniel, Victor G.
McDonald, Erma
Miller, Beulah M.
Morehouse, Hazel
Olson, Cecil
Parrish, Harriet
Parrish, Ruby
Phares, French
Pierson, Marian
Pool, Florence
Potter, Ralph W.
Purrington, Ethel
Rickard, Elsie
Ross, Jean B.P.
Rued, John
Sheppard, Mary
Sibbald, Jack Jr.
Smith, Eleanor
Smythe, Kathryn V.
Stone, Edith
Van Wormer, Clara
Webb, Scott E.
Weeks, George W.
Williams, Percy S.

Yearbook Scans

Miscellaneous Information

* Indicates February graduate