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Class of 1914 ~ Santa Rosa High School

Renunion Info

Reunion info not curently available.

Reunion Coordinators

Class Lists

Adams, Florence
Boyce, Lola M.
Brown, Margaret S.
Bruning, Natalie
Campbell, Irene M.
Chapman, Guy
Chapman, Lawrence
Chapman, Charles M.
Churchill, Clara E.
Clark, Pauline
Cochrane, Helen
Coleman, Freyman
Gemetti, Alfred
Goodfellow, Margaret M.
Harris, Enid M.
Hatch, Margaret
Holland, Eva Marie
Johnson, Juliet W.
King, Clara L.
Lander, Ruth
Lingenfelter, Jesse A
Makee, Alvia C.
McPeak, Norman Bernard
Morrow, Will M.
Newman, Mabel E.
Norton, Hazel E.
Packwood, Leota B.
Phares, Effie B.
Rushmore, Mildred L
Seawell, Jr., Edward G.
Sinclair, Esther
Smith, Esther M.
Smith, Lester L.
Snee, Lovenia L.
Talbot, Elizabeth
Thompson, Ethel M.
Tod, Juliet M.
Turner, Mildred H.
Vought, Agnes E.
Wallace, Roscoe F.
Wilkinson, Lloyd E.
Winter, Gilbert H.
Wolfe, George
Woods, Pauline H.
Yeager, Esther E

Yearbook Scans